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Developed by: Richard McAfee, USATT National Coach

This table estimates ratings based on the system used by the USATT.
Generally, until you reach the 2100+ level, it is higher than the Canadian rating system, which is currently under review.

100 This player has limited experience; primarily working on just getting the ball into play using simple blocking techniques with little spin use. The serve is used to just put the ball into play.
300 Player has some basic understanding of stroking concepts, but has obvious stroke weaknesses and limited movement to the ball.
500 Player has developed some ability to anticipate the direction of the ball and can sustain a short rally at low speed and spin levels with players of the same ability.
700 Player is fairly consistent while hitting medium-speed and spin strokes, but not yet comfortable with all the basic strokes. He/she lacks execution when trying for directional control, power, or heavy spin. Beginning footwork is now apparent.
900 Player has achieved stroke dependability with directional control with all basic strokes at moderate speeds and spin levels. The player is beginning to exhibit more aggressive play, occasionally hitting a “winning shot”. The player is beginning to develop several favorite “patterns” of play.
1100 Player has dependable basic strokes, including direction and spin control while playing at moderate speeds. Occasionally forces errors while serving and is able to return serves with moderate amounts of spin. Personal style is now becoming very apparent.
1300 Player is beginning to master the use of power and spin and is learning to handle pace. Style is now clearly definable, and he/she possesses several point winning strokes. The player is now beginning to vary game plan according to opponent’s weakness. Can strongly force his/her serve and receive against opponents of similar level.
1500 Player now has good shot anticipation combined with several outstanding shots allow this level athlete to use their style against all others at their level. Can handle a medium to high level of pace and spin, however only for short rallies. Often their outstanding shot is a level or two above the rest of their game. The player is beginning to master the advance techniques necessary to complete his/her own personal style.
1700 Player has developed a complete range of advanced strokes and tactics. Can vary strategies and styles of play in a competitive situation and hit dependable shots in a stressful situation. Good footwork is evident.
1900+ Players at this level generally do not need Self-Ratings. They have had intensive training and compete regularly in sanctioned tournaments.