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VITTA League Championship Trophy
The VITTA League Champions will be awarded a trophy, to keep for 1 year, which will include the name of all team members who have played at least one game for the winning club.

Vancouver Island Table Tennis League

2012 Rules

Objectives: The objectives of the League are to promote the playing of table tennis on a competitive basis, in a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere, on Vancouver Island.
Eligibility: All players to be permanent residents of Vancouver Island or the Gulf Islands. No player may play for more than one team in a calendar year. An exception will be made to allow a player from a lower division to play for a team in a higher division, however, the player will then only be eligible to play for the team in the higher division for the remainder of the season. See "Divisions" below.
Teams: Teams will consist of a minimum of three (3) players whose names must be submitted to VITTA with the team entry. Each team will nominate a captain, his/her telephone number and/or e-mail address, to be used as contact information by the other team captains. As back-up, we recommend an alternate captain be named. An eligible player can be added to a team at any time during the regular season. It is the responsibility of the team captain to ensure that all their players are aware of and abide by the rules.
Divisions: Teams for the 2012 season will be placed, initially, in Divisions according to their abilities, as determined by the 'League Committee'. (The 'League Committee' will consider player ratings and/or tournament results of team members in determining the appropriate Division). New teams, after the 2012 season, will be included in the lowest division.
At the end of the season the team finishing last in Division 1 will play the team finishing top of Division 2, in a playoff match, the winner of which will play in Division 1 next season, the loser playing in Division 2. This playoff match will consist of 11 individual matches (9 singles and 2 doubles). This playoff format will be repeated throughout the League if there are more than 2 divisions. No players can be added to a team for a playoff match.
Please note: all players from a relegated team will be ineligible to play, for the following season, in the division from which they were relegated.
Matches: For 2012 each 3-player team would play the other teams once. For each 'league match' every player on the team would play 3 singles & 2 doubles matches. (The singles would have each player face every player from the opposing team once. The doubles format would be: A&B v's 1&2, A&C v's 1&3 & B&C v's 2&3). So each 'league match' would be made up of a total of 12 individual matches. (9 singles & 3 doubles). Each match will be best of five games, each game to 11 points.
Balls: Each team will provide a minimum of two (2) balls for the fixture and they must select an International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) approved 3-star quality 40 mm orange ball.
Rules: All matches shall be played in accordance with the laws of table tennis as defined by section 2 of the latest ITTF Handbook.
Venues: Team captains will decide where the match will take place. In the event an agreement cannot be reached the matter will be referred to the 'League Committee' for a final decision.
Hosting a 'league match' requires the exclusive use of:
2 tables for 4 hours or
3 tables for 3 hours
Teams unable to host a 'league match' may consider using the facilities of the Nanaimo Table Tennis Club available every Sunday 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm or Thursday 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. The City of Nanaimo drop-in fee of $4.00 per player would apply.
Time: To avoid weather related driving issues in Winter and major holidays like Christmas & New Year's all league games are to be completed between March 1st and November 30th. Arrangements for time and place to be made between the captains. In the event an agreement cannot be reached the matter will be referred to the 'League Committee' for a final decision.
Scorecards: Printable official score sheets are available on-line here. Either captain may request that the names and sequence of play be recorded in writing by each captain prior to revealing the same to the opposite team. Once the names have been recorded in writing they can only be changed with the consent of both captains. The winning captain will be responsible for e-mailing the scorecard to VITTA (, within 48 hours of the fixture. These team results, together with individual player results, will then be posted on the web site.
Points: One point is awarded to the team if a player beats their opponent, similarly one point is awarded to the team that wins a doubles match. Therefore the highest number of points one team can obtain in a league match is 12 points.
The team with the most points at the end of the season will be declared the champion.
Tie-breaks will be decided successively by head-to-head results (in the event of a two-way tie), least number of matches conceded overall then least number of games conceded overall.
A team not turning up for a match shall be penalized by loss of points - minus 12 points. The opponents being awarded the match 8-0. These results will not be used in the individual player statistics.
A player not turning up for a match will default all games in which he was scheduled to play. These results will not be used in the individual player statistics.
In the event of an injury preventing a player from continuing a match, and/or playing in subsequent matches, these matches will be awarded to his/her opponent(s). These results will be used in the individual statistics.
Deadline: The deadline to register team entries to compete in the 2012 season is February 25.2012.
League Committee: In the event of a question or dispute arising which is not provided for in the above rules, such question or matter shall be referred to the 'League Committee', whose decision shall be final.
For 2012 the 'League Committee' is: David Smylie (Victoria), Charlie Zhang (Nanaimo) & Ken Holman (Chemainus).


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