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Archived News - 2011

Tournament results for 2011

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2011/12/28  Playing Tips - Depth Control Of Serves
courtesy Larry Hodges, USATT Certified National Coach
One of the most under-practiced aspects of serving is depth control. Most intermediate and advanced players know that serving short stops an opponent from looping. As players advance, they begin to see the advantage of serving short with the second bounce as deep as possible. This makes it harder for the opponent to flip or drop short, to return at a wide angle, or rush the server.
As they advance, players also begin to see that a deep serve that goes very deep, so the first bounce is near the opponent's endline, is much more effective than a long serve that bounces more in the middle of the table. The deeper the bounce, the more you jam the receiver, force him off the table, cut off angles, and give yourself more time to react to his shot. (Deep serves can either be spin serves, fast serves, or a combination of both.)
You'd think that players would really focus on controlling the depth of their serves, making sure that the second bounce of a short serve and the first bounce of a long serve are both near the opponent's endline. And yet few players really take the time to really learn to do this.
Draw a line on the far side of the table about four inches from the end, a few inches more for beginners. (You can use chalk, or perhaps just put a tape across the table.) Now get a bucket of balls, and practice your serves - but on every serve, make sure that either first or second bounce lands in the last four inches of the table. (Make sure that you don't hold back on the spin on your spin serves or you defeat the whole purpose here. If you have trouble creating spin, focus on that before you worry too much about serving short with spin.) Don't consciously aim; learn the feel of the serves that go the proper depth, and visualize doing it each time just before you actually do the serve. Ingrain the feel, and you'll ingrain the serve.
2011/12/25  Success For Victorian At BC Closed
Congratulations to David Smylie of Victoria who won the "Under 700" event at the BC Closed, played in Richmond, on December 3rd & 4th. Full results available here.
2011/12/05  Playing Tips - Why Is Grip Pressure So Important?
Here's an excellent article by Max Costantini about the importance of the amount of pressure used to hold your bat.
2011/11/30 Table Tennis & Fitness
Fox News did a segment on table tennis and fitness, and concluded that it was good for fitness. View (2:21, starts with a 30-sec. commercial).
2011/11/21 Final League Match For 2011 Completed
The final League match of the 2011 season was completed yesterday with Campbell River defeating Victoria 'A' by a 7 to 5 margin. As a result Campbell River inched past Nanaimo 'A' to finish in second spot. The final League table and player stats for 2011 here.
2011/11/07 Nanaimo Seniors Table Tennis
Here's a link to an short article written by Wally Lawrence promoting our game to the Nanaimo Harbour City Seniors.
2011/11/05 BCTTA Annual General Meeting Minutes
Minutes from the BCTTA Annual general meeting held in Richmond on September 25, 2011 here.
2011/11/01 Nanaimo 'B' Wins 2011 League Championship
As the result of the Campbell River (7) v's Victoria 'B' (5) League match played on October 30th no team can now catch Nanaimo 'B'. Second through fifth positions still remain to be decided by the final match (Victoria 'A' v's Campbell River) scheduled for November 20th. Up-dated League table and player stats here.
2011/10/23  Nanaimo 'B' Undefeated In League
Although Nanaimo 'B' defeated Victoria 'A' by an 8 to 4 margin the score hides many hard fought 5 game matches. With only two matches remaining (Victoria 'B' v's Campbell River and Victoria 'A' v's Campbell River) it's only Campbell River that can catch Nanaimo 'B' in the League Championship. Up-dated League table and player stats here.
2011/10/22  2011 Vancouver Island Championships Video
Thanks to Allan Eugenio here is a series of 5 videos showing the Open Singles final between Axel Nagorny and Wally Lawrence on October 16.2011.
2011/10/21  Canadian Pan-American Champion
A new era in the Americas has begun with the victory of Canadian Mo Zhang in the Pan-American Games, recently completed in Guadalajara, Mexico. As the Women's Singles champion, Mo has booked her ticket to the 2012 Olympics in London. Full results here.
2011/10/17  2011 Vancouver Island Championships
Huge thank you to Frank Enns and Alvin Ng who helped make this tournament another great success. Faced with the almost impossible task of squeezing too many events into too little time they handled it with their usual aplomb. Results and images (courtesy Claudia McLean & Allan Eugenio) here. Thanks also to Courtside Sports for their continuing support of table tennis on Vancouver Island.
2011/10/02  Nanaimo 'B' Leapfrogs Nanaimo 'A'
Nanaimo 'B' narrowly defeated Nanaimo 'A' in league play today 7 to 5. Nanaimo 'A' completes their inaugural season with a record of 1 win, 1 tie and 2 losses for a total of 23 points. Up-dated League table and player stats here.
2011/09/18  Nanaimo 'A' Moves To The Top
Following today's hard fought match against Victoria 'B', Nanaimo 'A' now moves to the top of the League with a 7 to 5 win. Up-dated League table and player stats here.
2011/09/16  Local Sport Development Funding Available
Applications are now being accepted to help local sport, municipalities, Aboriginal and community organizations increase sport opportunities for British Columbians of all ages and abilities. The Local Sport Program Development Fund provides grants of up to $2,000 for sport programs that aim to increase access to British Columbians. This could include opportunities such as clubs establishing a youth division; a new sport program that requires specialized equipment or coach training; or a club that wants to introduce their sport to local schools. The deadline for the first application period is October 3, 2011. More details here.
2011/09/11  Campbell River Edges Nanaimo A In League Play
Campbell River, with newly recruited Axel Nagorny, managed a 7 to 5 win over Nanaimo A today. Up-dated league table and player stats here.
2011/09/08  Courtside Sports Agree To Sponsor Tournament
We are delighted to announce that Courtside Sports of Victoria have agreed to sponsor the 2011 Vancouver Island Championships scheduled for October 16th. The advertising poster has been revised to acknowledge our new sponsor. We encourage you to support and thank our sponsors at every opportunity.
2011/09/06 Seniors Championships Sizzled
Many closely fought matches in a wonderfully friendly atmosphere was the story of the 2011 Vancouver Island Seniors Championships held in Nanaimo on September 5th. Thanks to Charlie Zhang and (special guest appearance from) Alvin Ng for running the 'starter's desk'. Results here. Images here courtesy Dan Ford.
2011/09/02 Bigger Balls - The Final Word?
Following is a direct quote from ITTF President Adham Sharara clarifying his earlier statement:
"Our current rules allow balls to be made of celluloid and other materials such as plastics, PVC, etc., as long as they meet the set parameters as far as bounce, size, weight, etc.  Because celluloid is already not available in many countries (a health hazard) and because China will also ban celluloid manufacturers, or at least limit them like in Japan, the ITTF must find other materials to make the balls.  Celluloid is a health hazard at the factory level when the sheets are made that are used to make ping pong balls. Also, celluloid is very flammable and not allowed on airplanes, etc.  The new balls will come into play after the London Olympic Games. There will be no change in rules because that is already allowed. They will be made of a special composite material, which will sound, feel and look like celluloid. The advantage is that the ball will be made seamless in one piece for better roundness and hardness. All the current parameters as far as size, weight, bounce, etc., will be the same as now.  The only change, which has nothing to do with the new balls, but is a modification to the current rules (regardless of the type of ball) is that the size tolerance will be implemented only upwards. Since the 40mm ball came into effect, we never really had a 40mm ball, because the tolerance level was always applied downward. We will be more strict and insist on 40mm balls with less tolerance and applied upwards. This is just at the manufacturing level for approval and does not affect the players".
2011/09/02 The Universal Game
Here's a great article about table tennis on the Island from the September issue of Senior Living Magazine.
2011/09/01  Bigger Balls Coming?
Read what ITTF President Adham Sharara said in an interview that went up yesterday. The article said, "With regards to the size, Adham Sharara said that the new ball size would be increased. This is to give a chance to defensive players to overcome offensive players. If the ball is bigger, rallies will become slower so defensive players will have more chances to win points."
2011/08/29  Sponsorship Loss
Unfortunately we have lost the corporate sponsorship for our 2011 Vancouver Island Championships tournament scheduled for October 16th. This loss is probably a reflection of the uncertain economic times we find ourselves in. Sponsorships have the effect of keeping entry fees down. As a result we are forced to increase the facility (entry) fee for this tournament to $10.00, which is still a bargain when compared to tournament entry fees elsewhere.
The facility (entry) fee for the 2011 Vancouver Island Seniors Championships (September 5th) remains unchanged at $5.00 thanks to the continuing sponsorship of Canem.
2011/08/18  Playing Tips - Importance of Serve Variety
courtesy Larry Hodges USATT Certified National Coach
Many players develop a small but effective set of serves, and find success with this. However, often they are limiting themselves with a lack of variety. While it is important to develop a small set of highly effective serves that you can use over and over, it's also important to have enough variety in your serves that you can most likely find one that the opponent has trouble with.
For example, many players develop very nice forehand pendulum serves, the most popular serve in high-level table tennis. But since so many players do this serve, many opponents are good at receiving them, while having trouble with other serves.
I've seen many players who have trouble with a specific serve, such as a backhand serve short to the forehand. (This has the opposite sidespin as a forehand pendulum serve, though it can be mimicked with a reverse forehand pendulum serve.) And then when I coach against this player, I find that the player I'm coaching can't do this serve! Often they can do the regular forehand pendulum serve short to the forehand, but it's the other type of sidespin that the player has trouble with.
Another example would be fast and deep serves. Many players have difficulty with certain type of these, such as fast and dead to the middle (elbow). And yet many players can't do this simple serve, and so are giving away many points, games, and possibly a winnable match. Fast sidespins to the wide backhand give many players trouble, and yet few bother to learn these serves. And then there are the all-out forehand loopers who loop every deep serve to the backhand - and woe be the server who can't cross up this player with a fast serve down the line to the forehand!
The list goes on and on, and yet the principle is simple. Learn to serve short and long (including fast) to all parts of the table with all varieties of topspin, sidespin, and backspin (and don't forget corkscrewspin and no-spin!), and you'll have it all covered.
While you don't need to be an expert on every serve, you should be at least proficient at most serves so you can pull out the needed ones when needed.
2011/08/11  VITTA League Championship Trophy
The VITTA League Champions will be awarded a trophy, to keep for 1 year, which will include the name of all team members who have played at least one game for the winning club. Thanks to Ken Holman who donated the trophy and Mark Fleury for a great job of enhancing it with a plinth. Image here.
2011/08/11 New Balls Please!
There have been rumors flying about regarding the apparent ban on celluloid balls. The following is a quote from ITTF President Adham Sharara:
"There are no new rules, but there will be new balls after the Olympic Games [2012] which will be made from composite material. The celluloid ban is not from the ITTF but from governments. It is currently already banned in most countries, not the use of the finished material, but the production of the celluloid sheets. It is for health reasons. Same as asbestos, there was no problem as long as Korea and China were accepting to have celluloid production factories. But now both governments and others want to stop the production and handling of celluloid due to the negative effects it has on lungs (lung cancer, fibrosis, etc.). So the ITTF will adopt a new type of ball made of composite materials other than celluloid. We take this opportunity to make it seamless, even hardness, and non-flammable. The rules remain the same, but the Technical leaflet (document given to manufacturers) will change."
2011/08/03 Referee's Course
Table Tennis Canada is going to run a referee's course for 3 days on August 15th to 17th (3 days) at the North Vancouver Hotel. Cost: $100. They are looking for qualified umpires for the 2011 Canada Junior & Cadet Open being held at Capilano University on August 18th to 21st. (See note below 2011/07/15  World Class Event In North Vancouver). Registration deadline: August 5th, 2011. More information through BCTTA
2011/07/25  'Victoria A' Remains Undefeated In League Play
But also without a win! In what many would consider an upset 'Victoria A' and 'Victoria B' battled to a tie in VITTA League play yesterday. League standings and player stats here.
2011/07/15  World Class Event In North Vancouver
The 2011 Canadian Junior & Cadet Open on the ITTF Junior Circuit will take place on August 18th to August 21st in North Vancouver, featuring singles, doubles and team events in the junior and cadet categories. Location: Capilano University, 2055 Purcell Way, North Vancouver.
For more information contact: Mireille Tallon (Table Tennis Canada)
2011/07/12  Bigger Ball & Higher Net?
It has been reported that ITTF President Adham Sharara recently announced to the German version of the ITTF web site they are testing a 42 mm ball size and he also said that they are going to raise the net. With these two changes Sharara aims to return the defenders back to the game. These new changes will, apparently, start if Mr.Sharara wins the election next year.
A bigger ball will slow the game slightly - longer rallies maybe; the effect of a higher net is less clear but would seem to favour loopers?
2011/07/11 VITTA League
Victoria A played Nanaimo A to a draw 6 -6. League standings and player stats here.
2011/07/11 B.C. Senior Games Participants
The B.C. Senior Games, August 18th to 20th, will take place in Nelson. There will be 28 players representing Vancouver Island - 24 from Zone 1 (Chemainus south): Jim Anderson, Ken Avio, Edmund Bowe, Mervin Brillinger, Joan Brillinger, Beverley Cattrall, David Cattrall, Heide Dobbie, Richard Dunstall, Gerry Emery, Betty Emery, Frank Enns, Sue Jiang, Fred Kong, Jeannie MacCulloch, Richard McMullen, Kathleen Quilter, Leslie Quilter, Bruce Roger, Diana Roger, Michael Sampson, Shirley Sheppard, Dick Stone & Joan Wells
 and 4 from Zone 2 (Ladysmith north): Hugh Grist, Anne Grist, Frank Johnston & Gerhard Sorger.
Good luck to all Island participants!
2011/07/04  Playing Tips - Reading Spin
This has to be one of the hardest skills to learn at first. However, once you learn this skill, it makes all the difference. There are several ways to determine spin:
1. Take a look at your opponent's racket first. Ask yourself what surface the racket has. If it's an inverted surface, then you can expect lots of spin. If the racket has a pips-out surface, then the only spin you need to worry about is the spin you place on the ball. In other words, if you chop the ball, the player with pips-out will send the ball back to you with a light topspin.
2. Another way to read spin is, just before the shot, look to see how fast your opponent's racket is moving. Generally, the quicker the racket speed, the more spin you can expect.
3. Also take note of how fast the ball is moving just after your opponent hits it. If the ball is moving fast, then there isn't as much spin. But if the ball is moving slowly, then you can count on the ball having heavy spin.
4. Another key point is to listen to the sound at contact. If your opponent's racket produces a loud sound when the ball is hit, then most times there isn't much spin. A "soft" sound means it's loaded.
5. You can also judge spin by how the ball travels through the air and bounces off the table. Topspin will produce a low, fast moving bounce that will arc in the air and drop suddenly. Backspin will produce a short, slow moving bounce that floats in the air in a straighter course. Of course, sidespin will curve to the side.
6. Lastly, be aware of your opponent's racket angle at contact. While it should be obvious by their stroke whether it's backspin or topspin, being aware of slight changes in their racket angle can indicate whether sidespin is also being added.
All of these factors can help you read spin. With practice and experience, you'll be able to read and act on all of these factors in a split second.
2011/07/18  Ball Change After 2012 Olympics!
In preparation for the total ban of celluloid production by national governments around the world the ITTF Executive Committee will direct manufacturers to produce 40 mm non-celluloid balls after the 2012 Olympic Games.  Information regarding the material and playing characteristics of the new ball is unclear, although PVC was once listed in an earlier directive but that has since been removed. What is currently known is that the ball will be made out of one single piece, thus eliminating the seam once and for all. The new ball will also come with a slight increase in diameter between 40mm and 40.60mm as opposed to 39.50mm and 40.50mm.
2011/06/27  Canem Agrees To Sponsor Tournament
The Vancouver Island table tennis community welcomes our new corporate sponsor Canem. This national company, with its Nanaimo office, has agreed to sponsor the up-coming 2011 Vancouver Island Seniors Championships scheduled for September 5th. Sponsorships such as these help defray the costs of running tournaments. Wherever possible please support and thank all our sponsors. Our thanks also to Nandor Deri who was instrumental in securing this new sponsor.

2011/06/24  Table Tennis In The Local Media
Here's a great article from Kevin Rothbauer, Sports Editor of the Cowichan Valley Citizen, describing our new VITTA League and the Cowichan Table Tennis Club run by Frank Enns.

2011/06/19  VITTA League
Results from the second League match, Victoria B v's Nanaimo B, here.

2011/06/11 Vancouver Island Seniors Championships
Here is a printable image advertising the up-coming 2011 Vancouver Island Seniors Championships. If you have the opportunity to post this in high-traffic/appropriate locations it would be appreciated.

2011/06/05 VITTA League Starts Today
An article from the Courier-Islander in Campbell River acknowledging our start. Results from the first match, Campbell River v's Nanaimo B, here.

2011/06/01  Richmond Open
Entries are now being accepted for the rescheduled Richmond Open taking place in Richmond on June 25th & 26th. Events for all levels - entry deadline June 20th. More details and entry form on the Tournaments page.

2011/05/27  Loosening China�s Grip on Table Tennis
For decades, China has been the sport�s powerhouse. What steps have been taken to lessen their dominance? Read this interesting article.

2011/05/18  Playing Tips - Use Simple No-Spin Serves in Doubles
courtesy Larry Hodges USATT Certified National Coach
In singles, you can serve to all parts of the table. This means you can usually force your opponent to receive from his weaker side, whether it's forehand or backhand. Not so in doubles! Now your opponent can choose his stronger side to receive. If you serve long, he'll probably attack it, usually by looping. If you serve short sidespin or topspin, he'll probably attack it as well with a flip or drive. If you serve backspin, he can drop it short, push heavy, or flip it to a corner. What is a server to do?
Surprisingly, the answer is often a very short, very low no-spin serve. At the world-class level, it's the most common serve in doubles, and often in singles. Why is this? A short no-spin serve is tricky to push � it's easy to pop up, and you can't put as much backspin on it, since you don't have a ball's spin to rebound off your racket � you have to create all your own spin. It's also not as easy to flip aggressively as a ball with spin. You can use the spin of an incoming ball to help your flip. A topspin or sidespin ball rebounds out with topspin when struck properly. A backspin ball can be rolled, and the backspin "continues," except now as topspin. But a no-spin ball doesn't rebound out, and you can't use its non-existent spin. Plus, it's easy to keep a no-spin ball low. (A slightly high no-spin ball is easy to attack, so beware!) This doesn't mean you should serve all no-spin. But it can be the primary serve, with other serves used as variations.

2011/05/13  Live streaming of World Championships
CBC will be airing events from the 3 final days of the World Table Tennis Championships in Rotterdam this weekend live on-line at Live streaming (3 tables) will continue to be available through the I.T.T.F. site:

2011/05/12  Vancouver Island League
We have received a positive response to the idea to form a Vancouver Island Table Tennis League. The feedback and suggestions have resulted in this set of rules for the first year. Take a look, your further feedback is encouraged.
What's next? We now need commitments from those players ready, willing and able to form a team. Also from any players who would like to participate - we'll try to find a team for you. If there are enough interested players we may consider more than one 'Division' in an effort to maintain competitiveness.

2011/05/08  Coaching on Vancouver Island
We have the opportunity to host a table tennis coaching session offered by Danny Lau, BCTTA Director and Certified (up to Advanced Level) Coach. Here's your chance to pick up some tips to improve your game. The cost to attend this coaching would be minimal. However, there are certain conditions that need to be met:
(a) there must be a minimum of 15 attendees who are not BCTTA members
(b) these non members must agree to become (non-voting) members of the BCTTA. (This classification of membership does not allow for sanctioned tournament participation).
(c) annual (non-voting) membership fee for those aged 55 or over is $1.00 and $5.00 for those under 55 years of age.
When?  The preferred day for this coaching session is a Monday. Since this would exclude many with full-time jobs it is suggested we aim for a holiday Monday, i.e. August 1st or October 10th.
Where?  Is there any community that can offer a facility with at least 4 tables and guarantee the minimum 15 attendees? It may be possible to arrange, at no cost, for the use of the Nanaimo Table Tennis Club facilities.
For this to happen we need your support. Tell us if you would be interested in attending and tell us where and when.

2011/05/02  How To Run A Table Tennis Club
Here's an interesting article about running a successful table tennis club.  What system does your club use to encourage participation, especially from new members?

2011/04/25  Vancouver Island League?
Is the time right to start a Vancouver Island Table Tennis League?  We have already heard that the largest hurdle is the availability of a suitable venue/equipment in most communities. The Nanaimo Table Tennis Club have graciously offered the use of 2 or 3 tables within their facility on a Sunday afternoon, for league play, for those teams unable to provide a suitable venue.  Let us know what you think.  Are you interested?  Can you form a team?

2011/04/13   Playing Tips - Receiving Serve
courtesy Larry Hodges USATT Certified National Coach
I was watching some beginning/intermediate players in a tournament yesterday and noticed a huge number of points decided by the receive of serve. Either the receiver was way too aggressive (and so made mistake after mistake) or was way too passive (and kept pushing topspin and sidespin serves off the end or side). While it's usually best to learn to play aggressively, receiving is all about control, about consistently taking the initiative away from the server. If you can force a neutral rally on the opponent's serve and win half the points, you should win the match when you serve.
How do you control the serve? At the beginning/intermediate level you should focus on one thing only: is the serve backspin or not backspin? If the serve has backspin (including sidespin backspin), then you mostly push it back, though you can also loop it. If it's not backspin (i.e. sidespin or topspin serves), then you use your regular topspin shots, i.e. backhand and forehand drives (or perhaps loops, if you can do that). No-spin serves you can handle either way.  At higher levels you might want to do more with receiving, but ultimately it's all about control, whether you are quick-pushing to an angle, dropping it short, flipping or looping.

2011/04/10  2011 B.C. Seniors Games  August 17th - 20th
The games will held in Nelson, BC from August 18th through the 20th. Accreditation will be in Castlegar on August 17th. Entry deadline is June 1st.

Zone 1: Chemainus/Saltair and south
Openings for players in all age categories. Please contact Zone 1 coordinator Frank Enns.

Zone 2: Ladysmith and north
Everyone from Zone 2 is invited to a combined playdate, Seniors Games registration and, if required, playdowns.  It will be held on Wednesday, May 4th at Departure Bay Activity Center, beginning at 12:30 pm.  Please contact Zone 2 coordinator Dan Ford.

2011/04/06  Saanich Silver Threads offers drop-in play
Victoria area Seniors can play at the Les Passmore Seniors Centre, 286 Hampton Road every Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings. Details and times on our "Where To Play" page.
2011/04/04  Tickets now available for the 2012 Olympic Games, London
The Draw: A total of 172 athletes, equally split between men and women, will compete for the four medals on offer. Two medals will go to the winners of the singles and two to the winners of the doubles. The format for each competition is a straight knockout.
Who�s hot: China have dominated the table tennis circuit since the sport was first added to the Olympic calendar in 1988, winning 20 of the 24 medals on offer. However, Timo Boll of Germany is currently #1 in the world ahead of Wang Hao and the Beijing Olympian Ma Lin in the men�s rankings. In the women�s game, Guo Yan and Li Xiaoxia are neck and neck at the top.
Canada's hopes: In men's singles Pradeeban Peter-Paul is Canada�s #1 and a recent North American champion, but will face an uphill battle, as he is ranked 254th in the International Table Tennis Federation�s rankings.  On the women�s side Canada's #1 Zhang Mo will face a similarly difficult task - she is currently ranked 182nd in the world.
Competition dates: 28 Jul�8 Aug 2012.
Ticket prices: �20-�125.
More information here
2011/04/01  North American Championships - Canada v's USA
For some bizarre reason the results for this world class table tennis event being played in Ontario are not being shown on Table Tennis Canada's web site!  Results, however, are available through the ITTF site here. Click under "LIVE SCORING".

2011/03/31   70 million fans watch final
The crowd roared its approval and so did 70 million table tennis fans, as China's Wang Hao recovered from a two games to one deficit, to beat Germany�s Timo Boll in the final of the Men�s Singles event at the Volkswagen Cup in Guangzhou on 24th March 2011.  Yes, 70 million!  It is not a typo.  It is the number of people who tuned into CCTV 5, China�s National Television Station, to watch the match.  Table Tennis showed itself to be an exhilarating sport, a sport for all ages to watch; a sport to watch, even if you had never seen top class performers before.  To watch the match click on itTV then "World Events" then "2011 Volkswagon Cup" then "Mens Singles Final".
2011/03/29  North American Championships
The ITTF North America Championships and the ITTF North America Cup event will be held April 1-3 in Mississauga.  This event marks the beginning of a cooperation between ITTF North America and TMS in an attempt to gain more visibility for table tennis in North America.  The events will be produced for TV and will eventually be featured on the ITTF�s highly popular itTV. TMS will also produce a highlights package for broadcast and distribution throughout North America.
There are a number of important qualifications at stake. Pradeeban Peter-Paul (Canadian #1 seed) will attempt to secure his spot again for the ITTF World Cup. To achieve this, he will need to emerge victorious from the ITTF North America Cup � the event will feature a balanced field without a clear favorite.  On the women�s side, Canada�s Zhang Mo (#1 seed) is the slight favorite but she will have to fend off opposition from some of the World�s top junior players Lily Zhang (14 years old) and Ariel Hsing (15 years old) - both US.  More information here.  For complete seeding list and world ranking click here.
2011/03/23  Nanaimo Seniors
Nanaimo Seniors Table Tennis
Join them for fun at the Departure Bay Activity Centre every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Times on our "Where To Play" page.
2011/03/18  How well do you know the rules of table tennis?
Free hand at the
start of the serve
Ball should start in an open palm

What would you do in this situation?

Player A is serving to Player B. Player A gets into position to serve and pauses with his free hand stationary before beginning to project the ball upwards. During this pause, Player A loses his balance and the ball falls straight down from his free hand while he is steadying himself. Player B claims the point, saying that Player A has made a fault serve. Player A claims that since he never began to toss the ball up, the point has not started. What is the official ruling?

Option 1.  The serve is a fault, and Player B wins the point.
Option 2.  The serve is a let and the point is replayed.
Option 3.  The point never began in the first place, so no action is necessary.

For the answer click here.
2011/03/16  Playing Tips - Recovery
The concept of recovery is one that is easily overlooked when players train. When players first learn a stroke, almost every coach will begin by having the player repeat the stroke again and again with a slow feeding rate, so that the technique can be grooved in correctly. As the player's technique and consistency improves, the coach begins to feed the ball more quickly, putting the player under increased pressure. Unless the coach is particularly watchful, it's natural for the player to attempt to make the drill easier by cutting out any unnecessary movements. Unfortunately, this usually means that the player will stop recovering to a neutral ready position.......more here.
2011/03/07   Cedar Hill Recreation Centre - temporary closure of gym
All drop-in sports at Victoria's Cedar Hill Recreation Centre - including table tennis - will end the week of April 11th to 15th and resume in June. The gym floor is being replaced April 18 - June 3.
2011/03/01  Can you teach an after school table tennis program?
The James Bay Community School Centre in Victoria is looking for someone to teach children (aged 9 to 13) table tennis in an after school/early evening program that would run once a week in 8 week sessions.  For more information please contact Kate Longpre, Recreation Program Coordinator at the James Bay Community School Centre 250.389.1470.
2011/03/01  James Bay Community Centre has drop-in play
The James Bay Community School Centre in Victoria has 3 tables and offer drop-in play three days a week on Monday (adults), Wednesday (adults) & Friday (families).
Details and times on our "Where To Play" page.
2011/02/25  BCTTA has tables for sale
Brand: Double Fish model #45B - Surface: Blue - Thickness: 25mm
Price: $900 (new) net and tax included - $800 (used) net and tax included.
Delivery extra.
For more information please contact Danny Lau at 778.861.3131
2011/02/25  Is it time to promote grass roots ping-pong?
Since the advent of sponge rubber play in the 1950's, the sport of table tennis has slipped steadily from the public eye, becoming what is now at best a minority sport. Our sport operates in relative obscurity in most countries around the world.........
Read this excellent opinion article from Greg Letts, Australian world ranked player, here.
2011/02/15  Island represented at the 2011 Arizona Open
Frank Enns, Claudia McLean & Ken Holman were at the 2011 Arizona Open in Phoenix on February 12th & 13th. Frank was coaching and supporting. Claudia & Ken were competing. Ken won the 'Over 60's Singles' and the 'U-1750 Singles'. More images and results are available through the Phoenix Table Tennis Club web site (under Tournaments) here.
2011/02/10  Call to nominate for Women in Sport Award
Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence is hosting its annual Celebration of Women in Sport on April 3rd. This year four annual awards will be presented to an outstanding athlete, coach, sport builder and volunteer as part of the event.
Help find the Vancouver Island residents who are the shining stars in our sporting community! Deadline for submissions is March 7th and winners will be announced on March 21st. The criteria for each award and nomination form can be found here.
2011/02/04  English Open
China again dominated proceedings at this year's English Open. To watch the Men's Singles Final between Ma Lin and Chen Qi click here.  To watch the Women's Singles Final between Guo Yan and Ding Ning click here.
2011/01/25  2011 Summer Universiade, Shenzhen, China
Good luck to University of Victoria student Alvin Ng who will be competing, between now and June, to represent Canada at the 2011 Summer Universiade Tournament in China on August 12-23, 2011.
More information including selection criteria here.
2011/01/22  Science explores potential benefits of playing Table Tennis
Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon, puts on a good front.  "I have a paddle and I have a paddle case, which makes me look very professional," she confessed to a crowd at New York's American Museum of Natural History. "But, in fact, I suck."  Sarandon admits that despite co-owning the table tennis franchise, SPiN, her game is not for show. But according to one New York professor, Sarandon could be doing more than just having a little fun with friends.  Complete article here.
2011/01/21   Table Tennis has moved out of the basement.....
 and into the big time. In fact, with 19.3 million devotees, it�s now the fifth-fastest-growing sport in America, ahead of soccer, baseball, and football.  More here
2011/01/19  Dr. Oz reveals the secret behind ping-pong:
it can actually help prevent Alzheimer�s disease. The game requires hand-eye coordination, quick decision-making and the rapid eye movement of the game requires the brain to do intensely fast analysis. Predicting where the ball will fall demands mental power and constant recalculation.  Ping-pong improves cognitive function and motor function � and it�s also fun! To view the video click here.
2011/01/16  China to train foreigners in table tennis.
China is to train foreign ping pong players after complaints that the country's dominance in the sport was making international matches look one-sided and ridiculous. More here.

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